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Skeletools impact shorts and vests really do provide “total impact” protection. Keep your hips, thighs, tailbone, ribs, spine, collar bones, and butt protected & left exactly the way they were when your started your day! Easy on/off and boxer style short waistband. Pads have plastic laminate backing for added protection. Skeletools make it easier to jump back up after you land on your bum. Moisture wicking material keeps you dry whisking away the sweat and keeping you dry and warm. Fully modular padding and removable armor allows you to customize your protection and comfort level. Features perfectly-placed low-profile padding only where you need it, no additional bulk!

Additional Features Include:
* Fully Modular and removable Armor
* Ergonomic Breathable Padding
* Moisture Wicking Material
* Boxer Short Waistband

All shorts come with full set of pads.
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Gift Certificate Skeletools XXL motocross impact vest
Impact vest XXlarge
List Price: $140.00
Our Price: $105.00
Sale Price: $58.00
You save $82.00!
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Fits 290 - 350 plus or 132 - 159 kilograms.

This Skeletools impact vest is for really large sized adults (WWF size) for all sports to protect your shoulders, chest, back and ribs.

A Lightweight, low-profile impact vest with freedom of movement. Go ahead and take the run thru the woods or race the track, you’re protected! Interchangeable spine protection is easily adjusted to get a perfect, comfortable fit under your jacket. Removable modulated armor is removable to create a customized fit.
*Dual density amor panels
*Lightweight, low profile design for maximum freedom of movement
*Dual zippered front for easy on/off
*Removable Arm Shoulders to wear as vest
*Impact-absorbing pads with plastic