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Skeletools has one style of vest. We name each size different to speak to each sport that you can use our one style of vest for.

Every extreme sport athlete, even the craziest, wants to be in the game for the long haul. When you are still able to mount your bike/board in ten or more years from now, you’ll thank us for Skeletools Body Armor. The impact vest provides maximum protection for the back, sides, ribs, collarbone, chest, and shoulders. Amazingly, this body armor covers all those areas and still manages to look subtle. With an all-black design and non-restrictive double ended zip front fit, you’ll save your body and your reputation for style.
It's your sport. It's your body. We've created a crash pad system that works for both. Thanks to our removable pad system, you can create just the right barrier for your body, and your sport. Easily add or remove pads as you need them. And it all hides well under your regular clothing - whatever your sport.
  • Skeletools Pro Gear Pads (SPG) are tough, durable plastic layered between foam rubber padding formed into sections for maximum flexibility. This effectively disperses any impact to your body, reducing excessive bruising and injury.
  • Four-way mesh fabric tank top with pads for protecting shoulders, shoulder blades (NEW), back, and chest.
  • Removable front, side, back padding, and shoulders.
  • Beefier shoulder pad arm straps.
  • Pads have plastic laminate backing for added protection.
  • Completely flexible - does not restrict your movement.
  • Wears comfortably under clothing for any sport.

Note! The Leatt-Brace TM works perfectly with our impact vest. Just remove the collar and top spine pads and you have a perfect fit as you can wear both!
For sizing small children we hope these reference photos help. This Skeleboy is 4 years old. He is 34 pounds and 41 inches tall. Skeleboy is wearing an xsmall vest and our small elbow/forearm guards on his knee's.  Click to enlarge  Click to enlarge

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Gift Certificate Skeletools S roller derby impact shorts Skeletools XXL motocross impact vest
Impact shorts small
List Price: $90.00
Our Price: $85.00
Sale Price: $40.00
You save $50.00!
Impact vest XXlarge
List Price: $140.00
Our Price: $105.00
Sale Price: $58.00
You save $82.00!
Send a gift for Skeletools Gear. waist size 20 - 26 inch or 50.8 - 66 centimeters. These Skeletools shorts are for children and small adults for all downhill sports to protect your butt, tailbone, seat bones, hips, and thighs.

If you’re a pro, or just act like it, the Skeletools impact shorts are for you. With padding in all the necessary places and flexible plastic protection on the thighs and tailbone, the Skeletools impact shorts were designed for snowboarding, skiing, motocross, BMX and mountain biking, but also offer hard shell protection for any extreme sport. These are the padded bike shorts for those who take the sport to the edge.

* Designed for aggressive to extreme activity levels
* White polyethlene foam pads no plastic backing
* 1/2 inch soft pads on outer thighs
* Moisture Wicking Breathable material to keep you comfortable
* Machine washable, just remove pads from pockets
* Appropriate for all action sports

Fits 290 - 350 plus or 132 - 159 kilograms.

This Skeletools impact vest is for really large sized adults (WWF size) for all sports to protect your shoulders, chest, back and ribs.

A Lightweight, low-profile impact vest with freedom of movement. Go ahead and take the run thru the woods or race the track, you’re protected! Interchangeable spine protection is easily adjusted to get a perfect, comfortable fit under your jacket. Removable modulated armor is removable to create a customized fit.
*Dual density amor panels
*Lightweight, low profile design for maximum freedom of movement
*Dual zippered front for easy on/off
*Removable Arm Shoulders to wear as vest
*Impact-absorbing pads with plastic