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I take few minutes to say thank you for your service. I order from Montreal(Québec, canada) and i received your short, vest impact and extra padding for shorts. It's great and perfect, i had some fears about the size of everything, but when i try it everything fit perfectly on me. The delivery was fast and without trouble. The padding is just great, it's comfortable and you can move freely with it. It's an excellent product.

Thank you, continue your excellent service.

W. Levesque

Having used similar products by Dainese and Azonic, what appealed to me about the Torso Tool was how lightweight, versatile and accomodating it was. I'm excited to have finally found a truly user-friendly padding system that lets me ride more comfortably than ever before.
Despite the undeniable quality of my Dainese pro air safety jacket, I found that A. it didn't breathe as well as I wanted it to (especially in the armpits and the back) B. didn't come down low enough on the torso (often making for ill-fitting or poor sheering with base layers) and C. wasn't customizable enough (i.e. - I couldn't remove the arm or shoulder guards). After several days on the snow, I also found that while certain functions (mainly shoulders and back were indespensible, things like forearm protection simply weren't worth the hassle of having to fit them, however short of cutting the arms off the garment, I was stuck with them. Furthermore, all day riding was pretty uncomfortable - I would put my pads on to attempt a new trick or to stomp a burly line...but again, traverses and such made the jacket more trouble than it was worth. With the Torso Tool, this it's simply no longer a big deal.
Geoff Martin - Freelance ski journalist

I have been using the SixSixOne "Straight Jacket" Torso Protector. However, that product does not protect the medial deltoids (outside, and downward, part of the shoulder), only the very top portion of the shoulders. I have taken two bad falls since the first of the year. Both times I fell sideways and landed (mostly) on my medial deltoid. The "Straight Jacket" was worthless in both falls and my deltoid (first the right on 3/23, then the left on 5/18) were very severely bruised. I was lucky not to have broken my right shoulder on the first fall.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am definitely interested in ordering your product, and will be ordering one soon. I think not having the turtle shell on the back might be better. My Dianese suit actually restricts certain movements, and turtle shell is too long. So much so, that if you were to sit upright on a motorcycle, the whole turtle shell would move upward and push up against the back of your helmet. Anyway, thanks again for the info.

I don't know if you saw I bought that Chest protector from ya and today is the first time I wore it and I was snowmobiling and just happened 2 meet a cement culvert. Yeah the culvert won. Hit it at about 45 and landed hard. If it wasn't for the chest protector I know I would have broken my collar bone. Once again thank you. Awesome product!

I just picked one up from Nathan (owner and nice guy) off because this appears to be one of the few ones with Collar Bone protection. I'm not sure if this will make it a bit warmer I presume since quite a bit of heat escapes around the neck and shoulder area, but, I don't want to break a collar bone either! It also protects the lower rib area pretty well too as well as the scapula area. The back does not use the articulated plastic like some do but still has excellent padding and it keeps the jacket light .
I've got a couple of rides on it and it was pretty cool. I almost didn't notice it after a while. It's also got a double sided zipper which is nice. It's also very light for free ride and weighs about half as much as the Fox Launch Suit. It doesn't have the full arms but I like being able to run without them or take them off easily so I use the 661 full forearm pads. I think it compares a bit more to the 661 Jacket really and has the shoulder pads which are plastic and that's exactly what I wanted.
I emailed to have them put it up for review because I think this is a nice alternative to some of the bigger guys and has some unique features. They also make other armor products as well such as shorts, knee pads, and elbow pads. I would say that the sizing runs a tad small as I considered myself at the bottom end of a large and it fits pretty snug. Use the sizing guide as it was pretty accurate.
If you're interested or have questions, shoot Nathan an email at [email protected]. He answered my questions immediately. I also called him to check on sizing and he picked up immediately which was nice. He's in San Ramon so if you're a CA DH guy like me, you'll have it in a day or two at most!
Erik Hansen

My name is Gayline Clifford and I am the Southwest Conference Director for the National Scholastic Surfing Association. The reason for this note is to tell you that myself and my boss the Executive Director Janice Aragon love your products. It allows us to be free of harm in the park (especially on the rails) during the week so we can be healthy to be running our surfing events on the weekends. Gotta snowboard!! Thanks for the great gear!! Pray for snow!

I received those pads today and they are very nice. I'm very impressed with them! They are exactly what skiers have been waiting for the last couple years. I've been wearing hockey shorts the last two seasons and these will be a lot less bulky and much more efficient. Thank you very much.

I never did thank you for sending over the skeletools kit to me in the UK. I've been really impressed with the protection it affords me whilst riding, it does the job nicely.
Thanks again!
Joe LARD-Ass

I just got these pads last week and they are by far the best product I have seen or used yet. The upperbody pads are great for any aggressive backcountry or big mountain to protect your back and ribs when going big. The shorts have a unique feature that you can move the pads around and take extras out to customize them for yourself. If you want extra pads on the hips just one of the many different sizes of pads to that area and it's done. And the pads don't move around once you have them inplace so this is an unique feature exclusive to Skeletool pads.

Hey there just like to tell ya that we love your stuff!!!
The Janzen's

Got it last week just before I went boarding again. Thanks for sending it so quickly. Fits perfectly and saves my ass, literally.

I bought your padded shorts in the fall, and they have saved my tailbone
so many times while snowboarding.  i love them!.